Grant Thornton Cyprus China Desk

Grant Thornton Cyprus, one of the leading accounting and advisory firms on the island, has formed a service focused on helping Cypriot and Chinese companies tap into each other’s markets. The service provides assistance to Cypriot businessmen looking to launch or to enhance their activities in China, as well as to Chinese companies and individuals looking to take advantage of the many advantages offered by Cyprus as a stepping stone to Europe and further afield.

Through its Chinese staff, the China Desk can offer insights into working with the Chinese and has developed in-depth understanding not only of doing business but also of the business culture in modern China. In a close cooperation with the Chinese member firm of Grant Thornton International, it can assist in such matters as:

  • market and feasibility studies
  • cross-border acquisition services
  • assistance with joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • due diligence and public reporting accountant services
  • assurance and business risk management services
  • assistance and advice on obtaining residence permits in Cyprus
  • tax planning and transfer pricing studies and
  • IPO-related services

Key benefits of our service:

  • team of experts: conducting business in another culture can be difficult. Our team includes Chinese speaking professionals who have extensive knowledge of the Chinese business culture and law
  • central coordination point: the China Desk uses a range of specialisms that can be found under one roof within Grant Thornton to ensure that you are provided with the advice you need
  • the proof: we combine award-winning technical expertise with the institution, insight and confidence gained from our extensive sector experience
  • distinct client experience: we promise to each client that we will understand and meet their expectations, deliver the highest quality service, provide valuable ideas and recommendations and demonstrate a personalized focus
  • instinct and growth: business decisions are rarely black and white. Dynamic organisations know they need to apply both reason and instinct to decision-making. This is how we will advise you every day
  • global strength: over 31.000 Grant Thornton people, across 100 countries, are focused on making a difference to clients, colleagues and the communities in which we live and work.


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